Adult Appointment Process

The Adult Appointment Process as Implemented in Brunel District

The Scout Association requirements for appointing adults to roles in Scouting is detailed in POR  . Guidance and support  information can be found here

The purpose of the process is to ensure that all adults that the Movement accepts as volunteers:-

  • are fit and proper persons to volunteer with The Scout Association;
  • are appropriate for the roles they are undertaking; and
  • fully accept the responsibilities of the roles and, where appropriate, the responsibilities of membership of The Scout Association.

Brunel District operate an Adult Appointment process (line managed by the District Executive Chairman), in accordance with POR, as follows:

  • When a new adult wishes to take a role in Scouting it is the GSL’s responsibility to register them with the Scout Association using the Adult Information Form[1] and sending it to the District Adult Appointments Secretary[2]. The GSL must give the new adult a copy of the ‘Yellow Card’ (these can be obtained free of charge from the Scout Shop). It would also help the new adult if the GSL gives them a copy of ‘At a glance – The Appointment Process: Quick Reference Guide’ (also obtainable free of charge from the Scout Shop).
  • It is then the GSL’s responsibility to ensure the DBS process is started by undertaking the identity checks and ensuring the applicant makes the necessary disclosures online.  See
  • Once the DBS check has been completed the applicant will be informed of the outcome as well as the District Appointments Secretary.
  • If the outcome of the DBS check is acceptable to the Scout Association[3] (or if there are any issues that may require further consideration), the adult is asked by the District Appointments Secretary to attend an interview with a panel of people from the District Adult Appointments Committee (DAAC). The applicant’s GSL will also be informed as they may wish to accompany the applicant, although they will not be able to actually coach the applicant during the interview.
    Note: It is the responsibility of the GSL to ensure that the applicant is aware of the information detailed in Module 1 Essential Information of the Scout Association Training Programme ( so that they are prepared for this interview.  It is not the responsibility of the DAAC Panel to assess the quality of the adult’s capability to undertake their agreed role, this is the GSL’s responsibility.
  • A recommendation of the DAAC Panel is made (via the DAAC Secretary) to the District Commissioner who approves (or otherwise) and informs the District Appointments Secretary accordingly.
  • The District Appointments Secretary then advises the adult applicant and their GSL of the outcome of the process.[4] Please note that Adults must not be invested prior to receiving notification of acceptance from the District Appointments Secretary
  • The adult applicant then has ‘Provisional’ status. To move to’ Full’ status, the adult must complete (and be validated) the ‘Getting Started’ training. This requires completion of Modules 1, 2 and 3 of the Training Programme, within 5 months of achieving ‘Provisional’ status.


Appointment Reviews

All adults with roles in Scouting must undergo a review by their GSL or DC – see,270   .The District Appointments Secretary will advise the GSL or DC of this requirement for an adult. This form must be returned to the District Appointments Secretary who will advise the DC of the recommendation and then update the adults Scout Association  record accordingly

Change of Roles

Adults wishing to change roles must complete the Adult Application Form (see above) and submit this to their GSL or DC for processing. The District Appointments Secretary will then update the Leader’s record as instructed by the DC.

[1] Using this form will also enable the GSL to undertake an identity check, details of which will be needed for the DBS application.

[2] This is the process as of January 2016. Once COMPASS comes back on line it will be different – GSLs will be able to add a new adult themselves, providing their role has been approved and they have registered with COMPASS. This document will be reissued to reflect COMPASS requirements when required .

[3] If the outcome of the application is negative then this will be dealt with by the DAAC Secretary/DC.

[4] Adults must not be invested until the GSL has been informed that they have satisfactorily completed the appointment process