POR Rule 3.43 The Training of


a. The acceptance of an appointment involves an obligation to undertake training appropriate to that appointment.

b. For roles that require a Wood Badge a Training Adviser will be assigned to the adult to draw up a Personal Learning Plan, support the adult through the scheme and validate the necessary modules.

c. During the Provisional Appointment period, the Getting Started modules should be completed. These comprise of:

  • Module 1 – Essential Information
  • Module 2 – Personal Learning Plan and either:
  • Module 3 – Tools for the Job (SectionLeaders) or
  • Module 4 – Tools for the Job (Managers)

d. Once the Appointment Certificate has been issued the adult should complete the necessary modules for their role, as outlined on their ‘Personal Learning Plan’.

e. Training is not necessary for any module if the adult can demonstrate their prior knowledge and ability to the Training Adviser.

f. Validation is necessary for all modules identified on the Personal Learning Plan. Validation is the process of demonstrating to the Training Adviser that the adult can put the objectives of the module into practice in their Scouting role.

g. Following the successful validation of the modules on the Personal Learning Plan, a Wood Badge can be awarded.

h. Following the award of a Wood Badge, the adult must complete a minimum of five hours Ongoing learning per year, averaged over the length of the appointment.

i. It is the responsibility of the adult’s line manager to monitor completion of Ongoing learning.

Ongoing learning is defined as any learning achieved by the adult that can be applied to their Scouting role.

j. In exceptional circumstances, Headquarters may prescribe the Ongoing learning requirements during a certain year (or years) for all or certain roles.

The District Adult Training Manager (See organogram here) manages adult training within Brunel District, assisted by Training Advisors.