Scout Active Support

What is SAS?

SAS stands for ‘Scout Active Support’ and here in Brunel District the Unit comprises of a diverse range of volunteers whose key function is to ‘support’ our local scouting community in a manner that is responsive to their needs. SAS act a central reserve providing a range of resources that can be accessed by either Scout Groups, the District or County in an ad-hoc manner. Utilised in this way we provide an essential means to assist the Brunel District as a whole in delivering a scouting service that remains accessible and rewarding for all.

How can I help?

Do I need special skills or qualifications? Helping is easy and that would be a resounding “no” for special skills/qualifications. Whether you are an individual who would like to help out in your local community, have former connections with scouting as a parent or ex leader for example, or indeed if you are currently involved in scouting and are thinking about decreasing your commitment but would still like to help out in some way, then we would like to hear from you.

Whatever your background you most likely already possess a range of valuable skills that combined with a little time, will make a valuable contribution to an organisation that has a global foundation right on your doorstep. It may sound like a cliché but scouting and all it represents really does make a difference and we would like to ensure it continues to have relevance in the future.

How does SAS support the scouting community?

We assist both in a formal and informal capacity wherever we are needed, this includes for example:

  • Attending groups to provide assistance with/or teach skills required for badges.
  • At Brunel District, we have a dedicated craft based section whose speciality is providing projects for large events (jamborees/group camp for example).
  • Provide catering/refreshments if required at different occasions or special events.
  • Act as marshals at a diverse range of events both large and small.
  • These are to name but a few, there is much more that we as a unit do and offer.

What will you get from volunteering?

As current District SAS Manager who started as a parent helper I can personally attest that the rewards are immeasurable. Each individual person’s motivation for volunteering is quite personal and varied, as too are the related benefits. These range from increasing one’s confidence and self esteem, from being able to socialise and engage with people from different backgrounds both social and cultural or simply by wanting to make a positive contribution by donating time.

Additionally, as with any form of volunteering there exists within scouting the prospect to learn and develop a verity new skills. Whatever your reasons if you are interested in volunteering with Brunel District SAS or would like to consider making a permanent commitment to help out on a flexible basis, then why not contact us direct for more information.

We shall look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you to our team.